World IPv6 day is coming – June 8 2011

Haven’t seen much about World IPv6 Day, but the information is out there if you look for it.

Basically, some major Internet services including Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai and Limelight Networks will offer their content over IPv6 for 24-hours.  The goal is to raise awareness about IPv6 and give companies and organizations  information and experience that will help them prepare for IPv6 to ensure a successful transition as IPv4 addresses run out.

While all currently shipping operating systems (*NIX, Windows and MacOS) have IPv6 stacks, very few end users (at least in the United States) have actual IPv6 connectivity.

Since incorrectly configured “dual stack” systems can see DNS and connection timeouts, you should visit to see if you’ll see any problems on “IPv6 day”.

I’ve asked all the providers in my area, and none (Cox Cable, SpeakEasy DSL) can offer any dates by which they will offer native IPv6.  I would have to build an IPv6 tunnel to get IPv6.  Hopefully the “last mile” providers will sort this out over the next year.

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