time for IPv6 at home?

IPv6 has been around since 1998, but has had almost no adoption in the United States.  I’ve been aware of IPv6, but  haven’t paid much attention to it.  Until the last year or so, running v6 wasn’t a trivial task, with few OSes and few home networking products easily supporting it.  Successful IPv6 at home required Linux (no problem) and custom home router firmware (still a minor inconvenience).

Then a friend sent me this link about the DoD pressuring network suppliers to demonstrate a commitment to IPv6 by (at the very least) providing v6 connectivity to their corporate web sites.  Since the article mentioned an old friend, I called him to get some more info.  As we started talking, he told me that his home has been v6 (via a tunnel) for over 3 years.  He’s running all the usual OSes at home, and the initial hurdle had been home networking kit.  Building his home v6 network would be easy today, as most home network vendors, including LinkSys and Apple have IPv6 capable products.

I started checking the blogs of LOPSA members and found a few that have made the leap. Here are a few posts:

With World IPv6 Day coming June 18, don’t forget to check your (and your ISP’s) readiness: http://test-ipv6.com/ipv6day.html

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