Essential Blogs for System Administrators (LOPSA Members)

You may have noticed a new feature on this blog:  there’s now an RSS feed (with previews) to blogs created by LOPSA members over in the right-side column.  For those who don’t know, LOPSA is an international professional society for system administrators.

(For LOPSA, “system administrator” includes anyone who manages computer systems, storage, networks, databases, security, web sites, etc.  We’re a very inclusive bunch!)

There are many person-centuries of system administration experience in their collective consciousnesses, so I’m glad that so many members are blogging.  You’ll find posts on everything from backups, IPv6, Linux, Windows, BSD, to security and all manner of information needed to successfully deal with computers, storage software and networking.

One nice thing is that so many people who might be responsible for hundreds (or thousands) of computers are their work, are also writing about their home networks and systems, where they bring all that experience to bear.

Creating a unified, well-recognized set of Best Practices is hard, so until then, or until there’s a unified “SABoK” (System Adminstration Body of Knowledge), I’d recommend that you check out and follow some of those blogs.

Oh, and go buy a copy of TPOSNA, too!

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