IPv6 – basic connectivity (via tunnels)

Unless you are in a very unusual location, you are going to have to use a tunnel to get IPv6 connectivity. Native IPv6 connections are pretty much impossible to find, especially for the home user.

While Comcast has been very active in the IPv6 community, they only started their first pilot IPv6 deployments just a few days ago. IPv6 information from Time Warner and Cox is also extremely limited. In any case, there are no IPv6 native cable companies in my area (San Diego CA).

As for DSL, I’ve been a very happy SpeakEasy (now MegaPath) customer for almost 9 years. In fact, I had the first DSL install in my CO. Having two senior techs and three juniors show up the install was pretty cool 🙂 And only two outages in those 9 years.

But, no IPv6.

That leaves IPv6 tunnels. The best way to get IPv6 connectivity pretty much anywhere, is via an IPv6 tunnel broker. For me the choice was pretty easy. Back in March, I met Owen from Hurricane Electric in the ARIN booth at Game Developer Conference 2011. We had some great conversations about IPv6 and its potential impact on the online game industry. Based on those conversations, it was clear that they really understand IPv6. After some later email and reviews on discussion forums, I decided to get the tunnel from Hurricane.

Getting the tunnel couldn’t have been easier. All I had to do was create an account at their tunnel broker site. I had my first tunnel allocated to me in about 30 minutes. I had a routed /64 network and all the information I needed to create my end of the tunnel. Since they handle the routing, I don’t have to worry about BGP or announcing routes.

Small problem. No IPv6 router at the house…

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