IPv6 – setting up the tunnel on the home router

At this point, there is an IPv6 tunnel from Hurricane Electric to my home Linux server. That’s OK, but not what I need for “production”. As I mentioned in the requirements, I want to use a commercial home router solution so that it can be easily replicated by some of our non-technical staff.

Based on recommendations from some Navy DREN folks, I selected an Apple Airport Extreme. Some of them have been doing IPv6 testing (and home IPv6 tunnels) for upwards of six-seven years.  Based on their comments, the Airport has quite good IPv6 functionality. All that is needed is to load the tunnel configuration information from the tunnelbroker.net web page into the router, using the Airport Utility. You can see the instructions for this here.

The only drawback to the Airport is that every, and I mean every configuration change forces a reboot, which interrupts connectivity for about 30-50 seconds. Other than that, rock solid.

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