IPv6 is catching on

IPv6 is getting some traction. You can see this in (almost) real time by following these web sites:

And most interesting, here’s a list that is driven by the Alexa top 1,000,000 web sites:

It’s interesting to see who is already “just using” IPv6, in that they are running IPv6 on their main domain web server. It’s also interesting to see who isn’t fully running IPv6.

On the “good list” I found lots of open source projects, lots of Universities, lots of US government web sites, etc. But some vendors are notably missing.  Cisco doesn’t have any IPv6 web presence I could find, and Juniper Networks serves IPv6 at ipv6.juniper.net, not on its main http://www.juniper.net site.

Hopefully I’ll be on the “good” list by Christmas with at least one of the home web sites.

In the meantime, here’s a quote from Google network engineer Irena Nikolova: “At some point, we stopped talking about IPv6 as the ‘new protocol’ and started calling IPv4 the ‘old protocol’,” in an interview about a paper presented at LISA earlier this month.

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