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IPv6 – Apple Airport Utility 6.0 *breaks* IPv6!

Really, Apple.  I mean, REALLY?!

If you are using an Apple Airport for your IPv6 router, DO NOT upgrade the management utility to Airport Utility 6.0. You will be unable to manage your Airport’s IPv6 configuration.

Any IPv6 configuration will still be there in your Airport, but you won’t be able to see any of the IPv6 configurations, or change them.

Instead of a fully functional set of control panels managing everything from syslog servers, DHCP ranges to IPv6, you will be left with some kind of minimalistic, useless…. toy.

This is a huge step back, and I was unable to find any information about this on Apple’s web site. I found lots of complaints from frustrated customers, but nothing from Apple.

Fortunately, you can still get Airport Utility 5.6 from Apple’s web site, and you can install that in parallel with the 6.0 version.

I’m going to keep the 5.6 installer around in my backup system, just in case.



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