IPv6 – some interesting folks are making the move

I’m looking at some different ways to measure IPv6 reachability, and I’ve found some interesting sites that have already made the move.

I’ll have more details later, but I’ve been looking at the last 30 days of browsing history on my laptop.  I’m still crunching some numbers, but some interesting sites popped out.  Of course, all the Google properties, Facebook and the like have made the move, but some smaller sites are being more progressive than many of the usual suspects.

Here are some smaller and more interesting folks that have made the move. Some of these I found from RSS feeds aggregating gaming, beer and art.

NOTE: Some of these may not always come up in your browser via IPv6, especially if you have a Mac, which may suffer from “hampered eyeballs“.  Some of these appear to be in a testing phase, as they have AAAA records, but are not always reachable via IPv6 from all locations, or they may be behind broken load balancers.

Other than Tom, none of these people are involved in IPv6, but they’ve already made (or started to make) the move. I think it is encouraging that IPv6 has moved from the exclusive province of bleeding edge early adopters to the point that almost anyone can get on board with a little work.  As you can see, some of these seem to still be in transition but they’re heading in the right direction.

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