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Megapath – no #IPv6 plans?

I just got off the phone with Megapath sales, they have “no plans for IPv6“. That seems….. short sighted.

That was a very short phone call, 45 seconds. Their sales people know what it is, at least, and they know they don’t (and won’t) have it any time soon.

Our home network started ‘way back in the 90s with the first ISDN connection in our central office, dialing into SDSC‘s POP. A few years later it was upgraded to ADSL (the first in our CO, again), with SpeakEasy. SpeakEasy, Covad, and Megapath did a three way merger in 2010.  The service has been rock solid for almost 10 years, but it doesn’t look like the new entity will be moving forward.

The (residential) broadband options in our suburb are very limited: cable modem from Cox, or ADSL.  I’m close enough the central office that I could see it, if not for the trees, so DSL has been a good choice. I could get the theoretical max speed, if I wanted to pay for it. Since Megapath won’t be doing IPv6, I’ll have to shop around to see if I have any options for native IPv6.

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