No knowledge of #IPv6 at DSL Extreme (@DSLX_Status)

I’m still on my quest for native IPv6 at home.  Today’s attempt: DSL Extreme. Result: FAIL

The pricing from DSL Extreme looks very attractive, less than half that what I’m currently paying Megapath. However, based on my call to DSL Extreme support, you get what you pay for. While Megapath doesn’t have any announced plans for IPv6, their sales people knew exactly what it is, and my SpeakEasy/Covad/Megapath DSL has had 2 outages (of less than an hour each) in 10 years.

Let’s start with the extent of the IPv6 info on the DSL Extreme web site. Searching for IPv6 leads you to a knowledgebase article on reverse DNS. First off, this page is a complete lift from another web site,, except DSL Extreme took out the formatting that makes the page readable. Second, there’s pretty much no IPv6 info on this page.

So, I decided to try their sales/support department. That phone call didn’t go well, either.

Tech support had never heard of IPv6. Period. Full stop.  Sort of.  At first they tried to tell me that their “dynamic addresses are v6 and static are the old ones.” Then I spent almost 5 minutes trying to get across the idea that there actually was this “new thing called IPv6” and that I wanted to sign up for their service if they supported it. The best I could get from them was, and I quote, “The only addresses we have are dynamic and static”. I guess they have both kinds of music too (country AND western).

I’m so very glad that my IPv6 tunnel to has been 100% rock solid. If it wasn’t for Hurricane Electric, it might be another year or more until I could start learning and use IPv6 at home. Thanks to them, I’ve already been running IPv6 at home for 13 months!

UPDATE:  The above was written Dec 28 2012.  Today (8 Jan 2013) I got a response to my query into sales, from about 10 days ago:

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we do not provide IPv6 and as of right now we have no intentions of providing it.
DSL Extreme.

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