When will WordPress.com support IPv6?

Dear WordPress.com, when will you support IPv6?

Over the past year I’ve watched more and more web sites come online on IPv6.  Some are “the usual suspects”; the high-tech, early adopter sites that you expect to be moving aggressively onto IPv6. Some early adopters have been surprising. While the WordPress software itself works fine over IPv6, WordPress.com itself seems to be a no show to the IPv6 game.

In fact, the only mention I can find from WordPress about IPv6 hosting is a blog post from World IPv6 Day in 2011.

This blog (hosted at WordPress.com) has a lot of content about IPv6, and I get about one private comment every other month pointing out the irony that the blog can’t be viewed over IPv6.  I’d rather not move to Blogger.com (fully IPv6 capable), or spin up my own instance of WP if I an avoid it.

So, WordPress folks, can you at least give a timeframe for IPv6 support?

Since I’m an architect on a worldwide enterprise internal IPv6 rollout, I *do* understand the challenges involved, and the uncertainty that you might have on a fixed schedule.  But could we get at least a comment that “we’re working on it”, or “sometime in Q4 2013”, or “not planning to do this for at least a few years”?

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