IPv6 – Is it ready for you? Are you ready for it?

Last week I made a presentation to the San Diego LOPSA group.  About IPv6, of all things 🙂

From these most recent stats, you can see that IPv6 continues to gain momentum.

IPv6 support has entered the mainstream from all the “usual vendors”, which has reduced adoption risk over the past few years. It has been deployed by some of the busiest and largest sites and they’re continuing to move ahead. IPv6 is ready for prime time.

At this point, anyone with a some dedication and a little tech savvy can dual-stack a home network, and companies should definitely be exploring and learning IPv6, if they aren’t already deploying. (IT) People are becoming ready for IPv6.

Based on my experiences and discussions at the North American IPv6 Summit, I’m even more convinced that dual-stack is the right transition strategy, and this presentation reflects that.

(EDIT: Thanks to @TeamARIN for tweeting this.  If you’re interested in IPv6, you might want to check out the rest of my IPv6 posts.)

(It looks like Google docs doesn’t exactly import Powerpoint properly…)

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