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17 Years, 111 titles, 6 hardware launches.

Three numbers can’t properly summarize my career at Playstation, but they’ve helped me to put it in perspective and reminded me of the best thing about working at Playstation.

Through all those launches, all those challenges, all the successes (and a few failures!), the absolute best thing about working at Playstation has been the people that I was privileged to work alongside.

To my Playstation Family…

July 14th 2020 was my last day at Playstation. Seventeen years and 21 days since I came on board to help prepare for the SOCOM II online launch.

I regret that I was not able to say goodbye to you all in person. COVID-19 sucks.

The passion that World Wide Studios IT team members bring to work each and every day make it a magical place to be. Working with you to support the Studios, to help those incredibly talented people deliver the best games in the world, was a privilege and a pleasure. You consistently deliver solutions to the Studios that push up to (and sometimes beyond!) the limits of technology, to ensure that those developers will have whatever they need to deliver their visions, no matter how ambitious, to our gamers. Thank you for allowing me to be part of that journey we took alongside our Studio partners from SOCOM-II to The Last of Us (part II).

The business side of games brings with it a completely different set of challenges, and my colleagues on that side of IT face those with a style and culture of their own. They too step up, to ensure that the business of delivering consoles and content to our players will run smoothly and efficiently. Working with you was challenging and rewarding in completely different ways, and opened new doors and new opportunities to me.

For my friends in the Studios (including the unsung heroes in PDSG, VASG, Audio, and FPQA), those amazing gatherings of the most creative and passionate people in the business – thank you for welcoming in an “outsider” and allowing me to try to make it easier for you to deliver your incredible results. The magic, the passion and the commitment to excellence that you demonstrate each and every day sets a very high bar for us all. Thanks for allowing me to see your vision and goals, and (hopefully!) help you deliver what you wanted to create. Your commitment to deliver the best content in the world, to excite, astound and amaze our gamers is inspiring.

To my Playstation family all around the world: I wish you all the best for the Playstation5 launch and beyond. I look forward to seeing (and buying!) all the spectacular, world-changing games that you will continue to create.

Someday, when this is all behind us, we will have those tasty beverages together. For my friends overseas, keep an eye out, for some day I may tap you on the shoulder at the Chlacan, or in BrewDog! Or maybe the bar at the Strings, or the Tokyo Whiskey Library! For you locals, I’ll see you at Studio K! My new gig is just around the corner!

Seventeen years – half my professional life. One hundred eleven titles – entertainment for at least 200 million people over those years. Six hardware launches, from the Playstation2 online adapter to Playstation4 Pro (and almost! Playstation5). Numbers can’t tell the tale of experiences we shared over the years, titles and consoles.

Robert Heinlein once had a character say “When the ship lifts, all debts are paid.” He was so very wrong. My ship has journeyed to a new port, but I will always owe a debt of gratitude to you, my Playstation family, for your friendship and support through all we achieved together. A debt I will never be able to repay.


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Recovering a compromised WordPress site – Part 4 (import into

In parts 1, 2 and 3 the focus was on getting the blog data out of the old system, cleaning it up, and converting it to a modern format that can be imported into a modern WordPress site. At this step, you can either spin up your own WordPress install, or just put it into hosted WordPress.

One of my goals was to never have to admin WordPress again. I’m tired of constantly having to patch it, or deal with security issues in plug-ins. So I’m putting everything into

After part 3. we’ve got a WordPress WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) export/import file. We just need a place to import it into.

Create a account and empty site

Start here. Follow the instructions to create an account and create an empty blog.  Don’t worry about the theme, you can set that later.

Load your WXR file

Log in to the control panel for your blog. Go to “Tools -> Import” to get to the Importer Screen.  Select “WordPress” and follow the directions to upload your WXR file.

View your new blog

In the left menu panel, select “My Sites -> View Site” to see your new blog, with (hopefully) all your old content. Check the older entries, check embedded links. They *should* all be there. If they aren’t, you may have to go all the way back to Step 2, and re-do the editing, then Step 3 and Step 4! I got pretty lucky, or was thorough enough with my initial editing, that everything I needed was recovered completely.

Enjoy a Frosty Beverage to Celebrate

May I suggest a great California IPA?


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Beer adventures

My #craftbeer challenge for last year was “never drink the same beer twice”. Even here in San Diego, that wasn’t quite possible. But I tried.

I ended up with “never the same beer twice in a row”, at least.

San Diego is arguably the (a?)  craft brew capital of the US. It’s the epicenter of a movement that combines old-world craftsmanship, tradition, experimentation, sustainability and “slow” (locally sourced) food. There are lots of beer choices here, but unless you are willing to visit all (150+) of the local breweries, brewpubs and beer bars, you are just going to have to repeat once in a while.

As part of our “beer tourism” last year, we also visited Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Tucson, Seattle, Liverpool, London, Amsterdam and Tokyo. Not that we picked the locations because of the beer, but as long as we were there, we figured we might as well check out the local craft brew scene 🙂

Craft beer is now big business, $34 billion industry (US), and $4.7 billion in California alone. That’s why the “corporate yellow fizzy water” companies are trying to convince you that they “are craft”. Really, Budweiser? Really, MillerCoors? This new “we’re small and cool and don’t suck even though our beer has for decades” marketing from the big companies has been labeled “craftwashing” by some, such as Greg Koch of Stone Brewing.

Without further ado, my stats for 2013 from

335 beers total, 298 uniques, and 103 badges.

Fortunately, at least 20% of those brews were the 4 oz taster size! Otherwise that would have been 41 gallons (158 liters) of cool frosty beverage!  That’s about twice the US average per capita. I probably would have sprained my liver.

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