Public Speaking

A selection of public speaking engagements

“Working with Law Enforcement v3.0 – Fifteen Years of Cooperation and Conflict, invited talk at USENIX LISA 15, Nov 2015, Washington DC

“Cops are from Mars, Sys Admins are from Pluto: Dealing with Law Enforcement (updated with new cases)”, invited talk at the 10th USENIX Security Symposium (SEC ’01), August 2001, Washington DC

“Carnivore: Issues and Risks”, Invited Testimony for the Constitutional Subcommittee of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee at the Oversight hearing on “Fourth Amendment Issues Raised by the FBI’s ‘Carnivore’ Program”, July 24, 2000 (Archived at )

“Cops are from Mars, Sys Admins are from Pluto: Dealing with Law Enforcement”, invited talk at the USENIX 14th Systems Administration Conference (LISA ’98), December 2000, New Orleans LA, USA 

“Appropriate Policy for Academic Computing”, invited presentation, EdCenter on Computational Science and Engineering, San Diego State University, April 27 2000. 

“How to deal with Law Enforcement”, presentation at San Diego Regional Information Watch (SDRIW), San Diego CA, March 17 2000 

“Recent Internet Security Events: Important, or Just a Distraction?”, invited talk, American Society for Industrial Security, San Diego CA, March 9 2000. 

“Security as Infrastructure”, invited talk at the USENIX 12th Systems Administration Conference (LISA ’98), December 6-11, 1998, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 

“Privacy and Integrity for the Wired for Peace On-line Collaboration”, invited talk at the Workshop on Arms Control and Security in the Middle East, Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation, San Diego, May 7 1998 

“The GURU is: IN” – presented at: USENIX LISA ’97 (October 1997, San Diego CA), Seventh USENIX Security Symposium (San Antonio TX, January 1998), and USENIX LISA ’98 (December 1998, Boston MA) 

“Basics of password sniffing” – presentation at the San Diego chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association, San Diego, December 1997 

“Don’t Solve the ‘Bug of the Day’ (Security Architecture)”, invited talk at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Pacific Computer Crimes Conference, San Diego, October 1997 

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