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Bye, Dropbox

Dear Dropbox,

It’s not you, it’s me.  You see, I care about my privacy and what I share with friends and the Internet at large.  I also care about what I share with you and other companies.

I was hesitant to use your service, but I read your terms, and got the strong impression that you cared about my privacy and security.

Alas, that just wasn’t true.

So, I’ve deactivated all three of my Macs and my Droid, and deleted my Dropbox account.  Fortunately, I didn’t use that password anywhere else, so I’m done.

Your service was convenient, so I’ll check our your competitors to see if they have a better security posture and more transparency.  If so, I’ll likely end up paying for their service.  Thanks for showing me how useful a sharing service like yours could be, but too bad I couldn’t stay with you.


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